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Skin Conduction Microphone Unit

Skin Conduction Microphone Unit
Skin Conduction Microphone Unit
Product Code : HIB-707SK3
Product Description

Skin Conduction Microphone Unit

Brand New Bone Conduction Headset With Skin Conduction Microphone Unit

Perfect for audio enthusiasts looking to upgrade their headsets, this new headset provides you with clear sound in communications systems in noisy environments, such as at fire sites, construction sites, and military field. Standard versions work with two-way radio communication device.

Bone Conduction Technology
The Bone Conduction is a human-engineered technology that product enabling dynamic hearing without covering ears that may result in impaired hearing with long-term use. It uses technology that delivers sound directly to auditory nerves through Bone Conduction device while other general headsets deliver sound to the tympanum through aerial conduction. Also this headset works like a back headset to block howling naturally. This enables you to listen comfortably at lower volumes-even in loud environments.

Innovative Skin Vibration Microphone Sensor
The skin vibration microphone sensor unit transmits and receives by vibrating your cheek skin to conduct sound. Using vibration from the skin eliminates ambient background sound from the microphone transmissions. This microphone unit is a perfect solution for loud environments. Speaker Type: Dynamic Bone Conduction Micro-Drivers.

Hanics bone conduction speakers are constructed with the same dynamic type grade speaker components, producing outstanding audio clarity that allows you to hear clear sound like never before through your skull around of your head.

Adjustable Ear-hook Design
The adjustable ear-hook, you can enjoy the quality sounds by you get the right placement in front of your ears for comfort using adjustable ear-hook.